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Commercial Painting with Neilson's Painting

To get a quality painting job, you need a exceptional commercial painter. After all, the first thing that your customers see is the building as your customers walk up or your walls when they enter the office. This is the first impression that you make upon your clients. You want it to be a good one. Something that is professionally done to keep in tune with your own professionalism. You need a painting contractor who lets no detail escape him, who is precise and exacting in any repairs that need to be done and is meticulous in his prep work. You need a contractor who only uses high quality materials and can efficiently schedule the work along your needs. You need Neilson's Painting.

When your industrial building is functioning during operating hours, we understand that having a painting crew on the premises isn’t exactly ideal. Neilson's Painting offers very flexible scheduling, allowing us to paint during down time or closing hours, or whenever you want us to. We can accomplish your painting goals in a very short amount of time, allowing your industrial building to operate as normal, just with a fresh coat of quality paint. We are guaranteed to provide you with quality workmanship, and offer 3 years of Annual Tune-Ups free of charge. Contact us today for for industrial building painting services in Mission Viejo, CA.

Neilson's Painting does things right – the first time. We use our own crews. (no subcontractors) – so that everything is under our control. We trust our crews to do the best possible job for you. They have years of experience to do things right. You won't need to call us back to do it again. Neilson's painting has:

  • Over two decades of commercial painting experience
  • A $2 million liability policy
  • A California painting contractor's license
  • Extensive experience with all types of paints, stains, and industrial coatings
  • Government clearance
  • Long-term, high skilled employees
  • Owner operated company

The bottom line is you can't go wrong if you call Neilson's Painting



Exterior Painting with Neilson's Painting

At Neilson's Painting, a professional exterior painting company, our painters know what is takes to start and finish a custom project on time. Have a large project? What about a small project? Neilson's Painting handles all of your exterior painting needs! Neilson's Painting makes exterior painting easy. We emphasize our quality of work, attention to detail, and flexible scheduling to get you the best painting found in Mission Viejo and its surrounding areas. We understand the importance of painting your exterior, and know that we can promote consistency while also providing high quality work that is guaranteed to last. Neilson's Painting has been providing exterior painting services to communities throughout the Mission Viejo area for many years and would be happy to provide painting services for your business or home.

Our exterior painting process

  • Wash - we will wash the exterior of your home or business.
  • Surface preparation - Based on your estimate for exterior painting, all loose paint will be scraped and all areas will be sanded. All cracks or gaps will be caulked to prevent water and other contaminates getting into cracks or gaps.
  • Painting Exterior - Repaired areas will be primed and we will apply a premium quality paint.
  • Clean up - We will insure that once we are finished we will clean up the areas as if we where never there. Paint chips and all of our materials will be packed up and stored neatly until job is complete.
  • Inspect job - After we complete our own inspection you will be invited to inspect our work and you will be asked to complete the feedback card for our exterior painting crew.
Exterior Painting Services



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